What is Personal Brand Photography?

Business branding is all about making your business visually distinct from other businesses by using elements such as name, logo, colors and choice of fonts – to name a few.

Your personal brand is a culmination of not only what you provide for your client but also your personality, your values, your ideas and ideals. Essentially, personal brand is a feeling that a customer has when they work with you.

Personal brand photography is a way for your customers – both actual and potential – to visually interact with you and get a sense of who you are. It is a chance for them to see you, to learn about you – what you do, how you work, what’s important to you.

Personal brand photography makes you relatable on a different level than the mere words within your web page or social media.

It helps people understand your why. Why you do what you do.

Your personal brand photography helps make a great first impression which helps build trust.

Personal brand photography goes beyond the traditional headshot – although the traditional headshot can also be included.

People get to see a bit of your lifestyle. Less formal. Way more fun.

Show off your family.

Show off a hobby.

Highlight your successes

Inspire others with your spiritual practice.

Potential clients also get to see you at work:

  • with a client in a coffee shop
  • at the beach working – hey! why not?!
  • how you do what you do
  • behind the scenes

What do I need to do?

Well, you’ve already started the process – you’re here. The next step for you is to contact me through one of those button you see on this page.

You’ll give me some brief information about you, your business and desired completion date. After I’ve reviewed that, I send you an email where you can schedule a time to talk to me more about yourself and your goals as well as the rest of the process.

If things are feeling right for you, we’ll move forward with a questionnaire that gets more detailed about your business, your branding, your marketing needs, your values.

If things are feeling impressive to you, we’ll schedule a meeting where we discuss locations, wardrobe suggestions, props and the sort of photography that you need.

It’s at this point that you decide if you want to book a personal branding photography session. So far, your investment has been only your time. A session fee – which includes two images – is required to reserve your branding session time slot.

Once the shoot is finished, I take the best images and retouch them. We’ll plan a final meeting where I show you the images and you choose your favorites. You can purchase some of the images, all of the images or take just the two images that are included in your session fee. You are in charge. From there, I’ll put the images into a gallery where you can download them.

It’s an investment in your business.

The goal of personal brand photography is to give you a strategic collection of photographs to market your own business whether it’s social media, website or print.

Personal Branding Photography sessions are so much more than show up and I’ll take a bunch of pictures of you.

It’s a collaborative experience where you share you business goals with me. We’ll discuss the ‘feel’ of your business. What made you want to start this business? What transformation or result can people expect when they work with you? What are your marketing needs?

You and I are co-directors of your photography session. Your input is not only important, it’s necessary.

Are you ready to get started?

Give me a call! 507-923-1015

Or send me a request to contact you:

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